Steps Involved in Mediation of Complex Corporate Litigation in Brevard County Florida

Complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida may be resolved through the mediation process.   Mediating complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida will likely involve the following process:

Opening Statement 

The mediator explains his or her role as a neutral third party who will help guide the parties through negotiations.   He or she also explains that mediation is a voluntary and confidential process.   Each party is then given the opportunity to explain his or her side of events and what has led to the current legal dispute.

Identification of the Problem 

The mediator tries to drill down on what the problem is.   Many times, the perceived problem is not the actual problem.   The mediator asks clarifying questions to get a better idea about the issues that are affecting each party and their interests in the process.   By learning about this information, the mediator can often have a better understanding of the motivation of the parties and what may inspire them to resolve their dispute.


Many mediators may use private caucuses to move back and forth between the parties.   During private caucuses, the mediator may talk privately with one party at a time.   The party may share information about his or her side of the case that should not be shared with the other side.   The mediator moves back and forth between the parties, often delivering offers and counter-offers between the parties.


If the parties agree to the same terms, this agreement is put in written form.