Straight Talk from a Personal Injury Mediator in Jacksonville FL

When a party has been injured in an accident such as an automotive accident, a medical malpractice situation or a slip and fall in a business, he or she may consider cooperating with the defendant by attending a session led by a personal injury mediator in Jacksonville Florida.  To make the most of the session, a personal injury mediator in Jacksonville Florida may advise:

Humanize the Case

Too often, legal disputes become sterile in nature.  They represent numbers, statistics and other data points.  The victim must be willing to express his or her case in a way that puts a human face on it.  In turn, the defendant must be willing to look past the victim’s demands and see the destruction that the accident has caused.


Personal injury mediation provides a safe forum for the parties to communicate, if not with each other then with the mediator.  Personal injury cases often have a substantial impact on the victim and it is often therapeutic for him or her to feel heard and understood.  The mediator can help handle emotions in a productive manner.

Be Realistic

Mediation’s end goal is to get the parties to settle.  As such, the victim may walk away with less money than he or she might receive from a jury verdict.  The defendant may wind up paying more than it wanted to.  The result will be different than what it would be if the parties continued on to litigation.  However, parties often decide to settle the claim because they want certainty, which jury trials seldom provide.