Things to be Aware of during Personal Injury Mediation in Palm Bay Florida

Personal injury mediation in Palm Bay Florida is a way for an accident victim and the defendant or the insurance company that represents the defendant to meet face to face in order to resolve a case.   Some things for participants of personal injury mediation in Palm Bay Florida to understand before getting started include:

The Mediator Is Not a Decision Maker 

A mediator is a neutral third party who uses conflict resolution skills in order to get the parties to resolve a case on their own terms.   He or she does not have the authority to impose any order on the parties.   The mediation process is voluntary and any agreement that the parties reach is voluntarily entered into.

There May be Heavy Emotions

 Participants may think that the case is only about coming up with a settlement value.   However, there may be difficult emotions involved in the case.   The accident victim’s life may have been dramatically altered.   The defendant may feel guilty.   One of the benefits of mediation is the ability of the parties to be able to express these emotions.   The process humanizes the accident and makes the parties feel more empathetic.