Some Things Are Better Said by an Employment Mediator in Palm Bay FL

When an employment dispute arises, it is often due to a misunderstanding or hurt feelings.  In some situations, difficult information may need to be communicated.  In many situations, it is better for such information to come from an employment mediator in Palm Bay Florida who can ensure that the message is delivered with sensitivity and to effectuate a particular purpose.  An employment mediator in Palm Bay Florida can often communicate such information in a way that makes the listener more receptive.

A mediator does not take sides in an employment dispute.  His or her job is to facilitate positive communication between the parties.  A mediator often begins the process by talking with both parties in the same room.  He or she explains the process of mediation, his or her role and the ground rules for mediation.  This informational session allows the mediator to instill confidence in the parties while also demonstrating that the mediator is from a completely neutral standpoint.

Some parties want to immediately go into mediation in a combative mode to flex their strength.  They may immediately start to say what they are not willing to compromise on and may overstate their position.  A mediator can take this information into consideration during a private caucus but deliver it in a way that is easier for the other party to absorb.  Additionally, he or she can focus on what solutions the parties may mutually agree about.