Three Key Characteristics of Effective Employment Mediators in Broward County, Florida

Not all employment mediators in Broward County, Florida are created equal. There are certain distinguishing characteristics to look for when choosing your employment mediator in Broward County, Florida including the following:


Some mediators specialize in family law.  Others may specialize in corporate disputes.  It is important to select a mediator who has experience in successfully resolving disputes between employers and employees.  These mediators may have help craft solutions that are tailored to the needs of individuals linked together through an employment relationship, such as establishing new policies, re configuring work duties or adjusting work schedules.


Mediators are not decision makers like judges or arbitrators.  Their role is to help parties involved in a dispute to reach an amicable solution and prevent litigation.  As such, it is important that both parties feel heard and understood.  Mediators are objective third parties who do not have a legal interest in the proceedings.  Effective mediators can talk to each party independently and show empathy to each side.  However, after trust is built, the mediator can point out weaknesses in each side of the case and re frame what the other party has said to make the receiving party more receptive to the message.


Employment mediation takes time to resolve in a successful manner.  A mediator will continue working with the parties in a diligent manner.  If they reach an impasse, the mediator will try to find ways around the obstacle.  Through tenacious efforts, effective mediators can often help the parties reach a favorable outcome.