Three Mottos from an Employment Mediator in Tallahassee FL

An employment mediator in Tallahassee Florida helps parties to an employment dispute peacefully resolve legal claims.  Among the many benefits of mediation include the ability to settle a legal claim for much less money than litigation or even arbitration would entail and the ability to preserve the employment relationship.  During the course of mediation, an employment mediator in Tallahassee Florida may communicate a number of mottos to keep in mind, such as:

Let Reason Rule

While employment disputes can often be emotional in nature, it is important that both parties engage in rational discussion about how to solve the issues at hand.  When a person is governed by anger or resentment, his or her judgment is likely to be clouded.

Focus on the Future, Not on the Past

While an employee may feel the need to express how he or she feels about past encounters, the primary focus should be on reaching a resolution that is centered on the future.  Rather than blaming each other for past errors, the parties should concentrate their efforts on creating a better future since neither one has the ability to change the past.

It’s Your Choice

The beauty of mediation is that it is a voluntary process.  No one can force the parties to reach an agreement.  Therefore, neither party should feel pressured into agreeing.  Instead, they can work out a solution that is mutually beneficial without this added pressure.  The parties also have the choice of revealing certain information to the other party and rejecting proposals.