Three Strategies to Help You Connect with a Personal Injury Mediator in Orlando, Florida

A personal injury mediator in Orlando, Florida may be called to help personal injury victims and insurance companies reach a satisfactory settlement in a case.  A personal injury mediator in Orlando, Florida is a neutral party that does not impose any decisions on the participants.  However, he or she can help guide the mediation process and often helps the parties to reach an amicable agreement that they both think is fair.  Some ways to make a connection with your personal injury mediator include:

Do not Take It Personal 

Sometimes parties involved in mediation get upset.  An accident victim may believe that the insurance company is trying to take advantage by offering a lowball settlement.  The insurance company may feel the victim is being unreasonable.  However, if the case proceeds to trial, very little of it will have to do with the actual parties personally.  Cases are won and lost because of the facts of the case.  Sometimes they do not result in a fair outcome.  Parties should do their best to remain calm and try to objectively analyze the claim.

Be Open 

It is important during mediation that both parties remain open to the process.  They may get in a hurry and may want to immediately start offering settlements and counteroffers.  However, the mediator can instill trust in both parties if they give him or her the chance to lay this foundation.

Be Curious 

Ask questions when you would like more information.  See what suggestions the mediator may have to offer.  Be flexible with your thinking and consider possible ways to resolve the claim even if they seem out of the box.