Three Things a Personal Injury Mediator in Jacksonville FL Needs You to Know

A personal injury mediator in Jacksonville Florida assists parties who have become involved with each other because of an accident, such as a car crash, truck accident or slip and fall in a business.  With the assistance of a personal injury mediator in Jacksonville Florida the parties can often work out a settlement that helps resolve the legal dispute quickly and with less stress than litigation would entail.  Some information that your mediator may cover in the opening presentation includes:

The Process Is Voluntary

Mediation is a completely voluntary process.  While it provides an alternative to litigation, there is no requirement that the parties actually resolve the matter in settlement.  If the parties are too far away from each other to yield a reasonable settlement from both perspectives, the parties are free to walk away.  However, knowing that the ability to settle is within their own discretion often helps the parties realize that settlement may be their best option.

The Mediator Is Neutral

The mediator does not represent either party.  His or her interest is only in trying to get the parties to reach an agreement with which they are both content.  However, the mediator’s objectivity serves as a benefit because he or she can offer an unbiased and objective opinion regarding the alternative of going through litigation.

The Process Is Confidential

The parties cannot repeat things that were said during mediation as mediation is a confidential process.  Likewise, they avoid the public aspect that an open court session entails.