Three Things a Personal Injury Mediator in Tampa FL Lets You Do

A personal injury mediator helps personal injury victims and the defendants who are being blamed for an accident to work toward a settlement of the claim.  The personal injury mediator in TampaFlorida who helps with the case lets the participants do the following:

Express Themselves

One of the reasons why mediation is so effective is because it allows the parties to listen to each other.  This allows the parties to not only hear the other side but to digest the information and truly consider it.  When the parties feel that the other party is listening and that their story has been told, they are often able to concentrate on ways to effectively resolve the case.

Control the Outcome

Mediation is the only way that the parties can truly tailor an agreement that matches their needs.  If a personal injury victim wishes to have funds available to pay for a child’s future education due to becoming disabled after the accident in question, he or she may request that a trust or annuity be set up for this purpose.  If the defendant wants to take remedial action to prevent future problems but also wants the case to remain confidential, this is possible through mediation.

Move On

After a successful mediation, a settlement agreement is prepared and the case is over.  There is no need to worry about the publicity or stress of a trial.