Tips on Handling Complex Corporate Litigation in Jacksonville FL

Complex corporate litigation in Jacksonville Florida can take on many forms.  This type of case may involve the formation and deterioration of a business, involving executives, shareholders, partners, members and directors.  Other cases regarding complex corporate litigation in Jacksonville Florida may allege a mass tort claim, including victims in multiple jurisdictions, co-defendants, insurance companies and other parties.  Litigations of this magnitude often result in negative consequences to many of the parties involved.  To make the most out of the situation, consider these tips on handling the claims:

Consider Mediation

Litigation carries with it a number of strict procedures and requirements.  Even if your business ultimately “wins” at trial, it may do so only after years of expensive legal fees and court proceedings.  Mediation provides an alternative way of resolving such claims.  It saves the business reputation as the proceedings are confidential.  The confidentiality aspect also influences the parties to be more upfront and honest about their positions so that they can work out a solution to the problem.  Perhaps most importantly, mediation is usually only a fraction of the cost of litigating a case.

Gather the Right Parties

Nothing is worse in mediation than taking the time to come up with the perfect solution only to find that one or more of the people necessary to bind the parties are absent.  Make sure that all of the authorized parties involved in the process have the necessary authority to resolve the problem on the day of the mediation settlement.