Top Tips from Employment Mediator in Tallahassee FL

An employment mediator in Tallahassee Florida can help parties peacefully resolve their claim without having to go through the contentious process of litigation.  Quite often mediation provides for a better resolution that is reached faster and more affordably.  However, there are ways that parties can have an even better settlement than others.  An employment mediator in Tallahassee Florida may offer the following tips to sparring parties:

Be Prepared to Move Forward

While mediation strives to settle the claim, it is important that both parties be able to show that they are prepared to move forward with litigation.  This helps avoid the situation from arising in which one of the parties believes that the other’s position lacks merit and from that party believing that it is a certainty the court will rule in its favor.  For an employer, this sends the message that the employee is serious about the claim and is not going to agree at all costs.  For the employee, this shows that the employer is prepared to move forward in a litigated case and the employee can expect that there will not be a resolution for a long time.

Listen Attentively

This advice goes for every person participating in mediation, including the mediator, the parties and their attorneys.  By listening in an attentive manner, the parties can demonstrate respect.  They can also be sure that they understand the other’s position and feelings on the subject.  Perhaps most importantly, this simple act can help the parties and the mediator uncovers the interests of the parties so that a settlement can address them.