Complex Corporate Litigation in Orlando, Florida: Non-Compete Agreements

A lawyer focusing on complex corporate litigation in Orlando, Florida can explain that non-compete agreements are enforceable in the state.  However, this alone does not prevent challenges to these types of agreements which many believe are an unnecessary restraint on trade.  Some of the factors that cause angst and complex corporate litigation in Orlando, Florida with these types of agreements include: Legitimate Business Interest  Before a Florida court will enforce a non-compete agreement, it will analyze what legitimate business interest the employer is seeking to protect.  Some legitimate interests include: Trade secrets Significant relationships with customers Specialized training Goodwill Marketing...Read More

Three Strategies to Help You Connect with a Personal Injury Mediator in Orlando, Florida

A personal injury mediator in Orlando, Florida may be called to help personal injury victims and insurance companies reach a satisfactory settlement in a case.  A personal injury mediator in Orlando, Florida is a neutral party that does not impose any decisions on the participants.  However, he or she can help guide the mediation process and often helps the parties to reach an amicable agreement that they both think is fair.  Some ways to make a connection with your personal injury mediator include: Do not Take It Personal  Sometimes parties involved in mediation get upset.  An accident victim may believe...Read More

What Are the Potential Advantages of Mediating Instead of Litigating Employment Disputes in Melbourne, Florida?

Employment disputes in Melbourne, Florida can arise when co-workers, employers and employees or other stakeholders in a company do not agree about something and have conflict.  While the parties may contemplate litigation, mediation is often a more effective way to resolve employment disputes in Melbourne, Florida for the following reasons: Greater privacy – Mediation is a confidential process so the parties do not have to air their grievances in a public forum. This may be embarrassing to employees and detrimental to the bottom line for businesses. Reduction of risk – Employment disputes can have negative consequences for both parties. Employees...Read More

What Can I Discuss with an Employment Mediator in Melbourne, Florida?

When you attend mediation, the employment mediator in Melbourne, Florida who you have chosen for your case will discuss his or her role as a neutral facilitator at the beginning of the session.  The employment mediator in Melbourne, Florida will also explain that anything you say to him or her is confidential. Importance of Confidentiality  Sometimes parties in a dispute may have things that they want to keep private.  When a case goes to trial, some private things may be aired.  In mediation, the process is confidential.  The other party cannot take what you said during mediation and later bring...Read More

What Happens at Mediation of Complex Corporate Litigation in Brevard County Florida

Due to the valuable benefits of mediation, more and more cases are being resolved through this process, including complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida.  When parties agree to mediate their case, it is important that they have a solid understanding of this process.  Parties who agree to mediate cases involving complex corporate litigation in Brevard County Florida should expect the following: Neutrality A mediator is not a judge in any way.  He or she is a neutral third party.  He or she may point out strengths, weaknesses or recent court results, but he or she is not on either...Read More
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