E-Discovery Concerns in Complex Corporate Disputes in Brevard County, Florida

Complex corporate disputes in Brevard County, Florida often involve extensive discovery.  With the advent of business correspondence through email, text messages and other electronic means, e-discovery serves an even more integral part of these types of cases.  Of particular concern in complex corporate disputes in Brevard County, Florida are the following issues: Massive Amounts of Data Many electronic records have exponentially expanded over the last couple of decades.  If large amounts of data are requested in discovery, a business may have to expend valuable resources to try to reproduce this data.  When a requesting party receives this information, it also...Read More

What to Expect from Good Personal Injury Mediation in Brevard County, Florida

To avoid litigation, many parties are turning to personal injury mediation in Brevard County, Florida.  This process begins with both parties giving opening statements about the accident and their position.  A professional mediator then separates the parties and commences the mediation process.  Good personal injury mediation in Brevard County, Florida includes the following components: Emphasis on Communication A good mediator keeps the parties talking.  He or she asks questions of the parties to clarify information and develop a better understanding.  He or she can shuttle this information back and forth between the parties.  If the parties reach an impasse, the...Read More

How to Properly Prepare for Employment Disputes in Melbourne Florida

Employment disputes in Melbourne Florida can be resolved efficiently through the process of mediation.  However, one mistake that parties may make when dealing with these employment disputes in Melbourne Florida is not to take this process seriously enough.  Mediation may be the last day of the case, so the parties should be as prepared as they would be if the case was set for a trial.  Proper preparation for mediation includes: Discovery Requests If the dispute has reached the discovery phase, it is important that the parties have requested discovery.  They should include part of these responses in their presentation...Read More

Why You Should Use an Employment Mediator in Melbourne Florida in Workplace Matters

An employment mediator in Melbourne Florida can help resolve workplace disputes such as discrimination claims, claims regarding wrongful termination and disciplinary matters.  Using an employment mediator in Melbourne Florida can reap the following benefits: Employees Feel Recognized When employees can participate in the mediation process, they feel like an integral part of this process.  They feel their opinion is heard and validated.  Simply feeling like they are on a level playing field may motivate them to settle the claim. Self-Empowerment Mediation allows the parties to take control over their case.  The parties have equal input to determine how to resolve...Read More

Complex Corporate Litigation in Brevard County: What to Expect

Complex corporate litigation in Brevard County is different than typical litigation cases.  As such, these types of cases require someone who is equipped to handle the challenges that they pose.  Some things to expect from complex corporate litigation in Brevard County include: More Parties Involved  In complex corporate litigation, there are usually more parties involved.  There may be multiple plaintiffs, defendants, intervenors or parties who are brought in by the motion of a party.  Having more individuals involved in litigation often makes a case more complicated because there are competing interests.  This can also make the process take longer because...Read More
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