Two Considerations for Complex Corporate Litigation in Jacksonville FL

Complex corporate litigation in Jacksonville Florida can help resolve important issues between a business and its vendors, contractors, business partners, shareholders or competitors.  However, it can also lead to tying the business up for years in complex corporate litigation in Jacksonville Florida.  Before taking the step into this direction, business owners may wish to discuss the following considerations with their litigation attorney:

Their True Interests

Sometimes a lawyer makes the mistake of thinking that he or she knows what the business wants.  The lawyer may make assumptions based on his or her own personal feelings or beliefs.  While he or she may be advocating for a strong position that seeks the maximum compensation attainable, the business may have different interests, such as a desire to maintain an ongoing business relationship.   The business may not want to disrupt operations with litigation if there is an impending project or deal.  By being better aware of the client’s interests, a litigation attorney can better advise the owner on possible remedies to the legal situation.  

Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement

It is also important that business owners carefully consider their best alternative to a negotiated agreement.  In some instances, it is preferable to proceed with litigation if this is preferable over a negotiated agreement.  Business owners should carefully consider contributing factors, such as risk, uncertainty, cost, time and the loss of business relationship.

And most importantly know that as a business, every moment spent in litigation creates opportunity costs which is the cost of lost opportunities while thinking of legal matters instead of thinking of how to grow your business. It will never show up on your balance sheet, but, “you know” those costs are real. I say this from experience. Having graduated from Boston College School of Business Management and having my own business before going to law school.