Types of Cases an Employment Mediator in Brevard Country Florida can Help Resolve

Employment mediators in Brevard Country Florida may assist parties involved in a number of different employment disputes.  So long as the parties are willing to act in good faith, the case may be referred to mediation.  Some of the common types of disputes an employment mediator in Brevard Country Florida helps to resolve include:

Coworker Disputes

Coworkers may not get along.  They may come from different backgrounds or have varying levels of expertise.  They may feel disrespected by their peers.  An employment mediator can help resolve issues of this nature by affirming each person’s feelings and trying to get the parties to communicate better together.

Management Disputes

Sometimes, managers may not agree with each other.  Shareholders may believe directors are not acting in the best interest of the business.  A mediator can help each party forward their position with the hope of settling the legal dispute.

Discrimination Claims

Employees or applicants may believe that they have been discriminated against because of their race, color, national origin, religion, sex or other characteristic.  They may believe that other groups are treated more favorably, paid better or given better opportunities.  Mediators can often help resolve EEO issues of this nature.  If discrimination is occurring, parties may be able to develop new policies or implement new programs to address these issues.

Contract Disputes

Mediation also helps parties address contract disputes.  Addressing this information in mediation can help the parties avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation.