Understanding the Real Costs Associated with Employment Disputes in Melbourne Florida

Employment disputes in Melbourne Florida cost more than just the cost of the underlying claim.   One of the jobs that a mediator has is to explain the consequences of litigating employment disputes in Melbourne Florida.   Some of the costs individuals should recognize include:

Costs to Litigate

The parties may be responsible for paying attorney’s fees, court costs and other litigation costs.   It can be expensive to go through the discovery process and pay for depositions.   The litigation expenses can often add up so that they exceed the cost of the underlying claim.

Time Off Work

Both parties may lose time off work to go through litigation.   They may need to attend court hearings, a trial and depositions.   This time can quickly add up.   This affects an employee who may find it difficult to find a new job amid these mandatory appointments and an employer who must take time away from the job to attend.

Employee Morale

Employment disputes can cause negative publicity.   Additionally, they can cause employees to have a negative opinion about the employer.   This can have a negative impact in the workplace that can ultimately affect the financial status of the business.

Damage to Reputation

Employment disputes can damage the business’ reputation.   Depending on the circumstances, it may also damage the reputation of the employee.   Other employers may be hesitant to hire the employee who is embroiled in litigation with his or her previous employer.