Why You Should Use an Employment Mediator in Melbourne Florida in Workplace Matters

An employment mediator in Melbourne Florida can help resolve workplace disputes such as discrimination claims, claims regarding wrongful termination and disciplinary matters.  Using an employment mediator in Melbourne Florida can reap the following benefits:

Employees Feel Recognized

When employees can participate in the mediation process, they feel like an integral part of this process.  They feel their opinion is heard and validated.  Simply feeling like they are on a level playing field may motivate them to settle the claim.


Mediation allows the parties to take control over their case.  The parties have equal input to determine how to resolve their case. They are not at the mercy of a judge or jury.  Instead, they have the ability to resolve their claim on their own terms.

Faster Resolution

Mediation allows employers and employees to resolve problems more quickly.  This is often critical in the employment context.  Litigation may occur after the employment relationship has been severed, but mediation may be scheduled well before any adverse action is taken.


Mediation is confidential.  What the employee and employer discuss cannot later be brought up in litigation.  This can help protect the employee’s privacy as well as protect the employer from negative publicity.

Creative Options

Parties in mediation are not limited to only the relief a judge may order.  They can reach a settlement on their own terms.