Using the 70/30 Rule during Employment Disputes in Ocala FL

A mediator is a trained professional who helps the parties communicate more effectively through conflict resolution skills and the employment of specific communication techniques.  Using these strategies can help parties involved in an employment dispute in Ocala Florida resolve the issues that are adversely affecting the employment relationship.  One effective technique to help resolve employment disputes in Ocala Florida is to use the 70/30 rule.

The 70/30 rule refers to the proportion of time that the party speaks in relation to the amount of time the mediator speaks.  The party should speak about 70 percent of the time.  It is important for the party to talk because this will help him or her feel heard and understood.  It gives him or her a chance to vent and express the difficult emotions surrounding the employment dispute.  Silence on the part of the mediator can also be valuable because it provides a chance for the mediator to truly absorb what the party is saying.

However, the 30 percent portion when the mediator is guiding the conversation is also important.  He or she may ask open-ended questions to get the party to open up about a concept and narrow questions when he or she is looking for a simpler answer.  When the mediator speaks, there is some type of goal in each communication, be it acknowledging the party’s feelings, seeking information, making a suggestion about a possible resolution or confirming an agreement.  Having goal-centered communication allows the party to realize the importance of each comment or question the mediator makes.