What to Tell Your Personal Injury Mediator in Pensacola Florida

If mediation is the next step in your personal injury case, you should take comfort in the fact that this process has helped thousands of parties settle their cases.  Personal injury mediation is an effective method of resolving these difficult cases.  You may be wondering what you will discuss with your personal injury mediator in Pensacola Florida.  As you prepare for your session with your personal injury mediator in Pensacola Florida, keep the following tips in mind.

Mediation is a confidential process.  Anything you tell the mediator remains private, unless you give the mediator permission to tell the opposing party any of your statements.  Therefore, you should be as open and candid with the mediator as you like.  It is likely that you and the opposing party will be separated, so you will have the opportunity to privately discuss the facts of the case with the mediator.  As opposed to a trial, where statements may be used against you, statements made in mediation remain under wraps.

Similarly, the mediator cannot be called to testify in a trial if he or she mediated the case.  This is an added layer of confidentiality to the mediation process.  During mediation, simply focus on your concerns and goals for the case, as statements made during the process will not be used against you later.

Be sure to prepare a list of your goals.  The mediator’s job is to help you reach a settlement, and cannot do so unless you clearly articulate what you want.