Why You May Want to Hire a Personal Injury Mediator in Tallahassee FL

Personal injury cases are well known for being quite complex and costly to litigate, requiring expert reports and testimony, and frequently taking a year or more to reach a settlement or go to trial.  If you are involved in a personal injury dispute, a personal injury mediator in Tallahassee FL has the expertise to help you settle the claim in a more timely and less costly manner than a traditional lawsuit.   To find out if personal injury mediation is right for you, contact a personal injury mediator in Tallahassee FL for a consultation.

Personal injury mediation has become more and more common as parties to personal injury disputes seek alternative dispute resolution methods outside of the court room.  Mediation involves the assistance of a trained mediator to facilitate more effective negotiation discussions between disputing parties.  Personal injury claims are mediated by personal injury mediators, many of whom are former attorneys with experience in personal injury law, making them even more helpful to parties wishing to resolve their claims out-of-court.

The extensive time and expense related to the court costs and attorneys’ fees involved in a typical personal injury lawsuit have made personal injury mediation an increasingly popular method of resolving these types of claims.  While mediating parties are free to hire legal counsel, attorneys are not required during personal injury mediation.  Therefore, attorneys’ fees can be reduced when disputing parties opt for mediation and split the costs of the mediator’s fees.  Additionally, personal injury claims that are mediated tend to settle more quickly than a typical lawsuit.