Woes an Employment Mediator in Tampa FL Confronts

Some parties are hesitant to engage the services of an employment mediator in Tampa Florida. Some of the common fears that individuals have about retaining an employment mediator in Tampa Florida include:

Worry about the Effectiveness

Disgruntled employees may not believe that mediation will really provide the results that they want. They may think that the only way to get what they deserve is to engage in a contentious court battle. However, mediation has worked for many parties at odds for years. The process involves the use of a third party neutral who is trained in conflict resolution. He or she is often able to convince the parties of the prudence of settling the claim outside of the court for their mutual benefit.

Worry about Bias

Employees may believe that the mediator may be biased against them. The mediator may rely on the employer for repeat business, making the employee believe that his or her allegiance may be placed with the employer. However, mediators know that the process of mediation heavily relies on their impartiality and will make all strides to remain neutral throughout the process.


Mediation expenses are usually split between the parties. If an employee is involved in litigation, he or she may be able to find a lawyer who takes the case based on a contingency fee. While this latter option may allow him or her not to have to expend much in the meantime, litigation is almost always much more expensive than mediation in the long run.